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I am a Queer Artist and Performer who practices BDSM as a liberating path.

My pronouns are They/Them.

I am a Transalien Witch, Multiform and Shapeshifter, Hard Femme & Soft Boy, your Daddy/Mommy fantasy, flogging Goddess, and many other things.

So if  you just landed on my Planet looking for something different and profound, your search ends here: you can take a deep breath and be rewarded by the sweet feel of surrender.

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Working outside the binary, I can be of course your Dom & your Domme. I am actively welcoming and celebrating all gender spectrum and expressions.

I embrace kink and BDSM as a healing, empowering practice, and a gate to liberating, cathartic experiences, as well as a creative process: the art of endlessly inventing new possibilities of pleasure.

I firmly believe that kink and BDSM can be a safe space for the vulnerable, shamed parts of ourselves that need to be loved and accepted. Therefore I offer you my energy and knowledge to achieve that deep release.

Practices of ritualized pain and power exchange appeal almost universally to individuals, and into the right frame of safe play and trust, they can lead to great improvement and joy.

Through a various spectrum of physical and/or psychological practices, I can bring you exactly where you need to be.



I am educated in a wide range of topics to provide a pleasurable, safe and meaningful experience:

  • Queerness

  • of course Kink, BDSM and Fetish techniques

  • Sex Education, Sex Positive framework

  • Nervous System & Polyvagal Theory

  • Trauma & Trauma Work

  • Aromantic, Asexual Orientations

  • Boundary setting and negotiation

  • Performative Art

  • Costume and Fashion design

  • Massage



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